North West Slays in a Birthday T-Shirt with Our Fave Rapper On It

Her laid-back vibe is better than yours.

North West has spent three of the past four years slaying in outfits that cost more than a mortgage. But now that she’s a grown up big girl, she’s traded the baby Balmain blazers for oversized graphic tees. Last night, while out with her family for her super low-key birthday dinner at LA’s Ruby Diner, North was serving us her signature style. The now fabulously famous four-year-old came out of the dinner wearing a Snoop Dogg t-shirt as a dress and furry leopard slides. Seriously, this little girl can pull off the laid-back vibe better than most grown adults.
We know how much North hates being snapped by the paps and screaming out, “No pictures, no pictures!” but she looks unbothered eating her frozen ice with Kim and her best friend, Saint.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye helped pick this outfit out since graphic tees with west coast rappers is also kinda his thing and the two have been known to share looks before.

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