Karlie Admits She’s Only Dating Black Ink Crew‘s Ceaser to Get Back at Joc in this Week’s Check Yourself

"Me? Date another man to get back at another man?"

Brace yourself for what I’m about to say, you might want to grab your pearls in advance. Karlie says– wait for it— that the only reason Ceaser hasn’t been getting any pum pum is because she wants Yung Joc back.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Jessica Dime believes there is no way in hell Karlie takes Ceaser seriously, and Karlie knows this, Duh! As she admits, it’s what she does. Jessica doesn’t know the man at all aside from owning Black Ink and being mad sweaty. While Karlie is doing her no pum pum dance, Jessica is convinced Miss Redd already gave up her kutty cat.

Meanwhile, Melissa is really feeling Jessica Dime’s single, “One Way.” She can’t enjoy the song for long because she’s distracted by Estelita’s “suffocated titties.” The distraction turns to amusement when the ladies see just how annoyed Karlie is when the Panamanian goddess comes in the building. Karlie is just wondering why shorty is even there and Dime is thrown off that Dime is nice it oompa loompa Estelita. Dime and Melissa find it absolutely hilarious how Sierra even caught some hands during the scuffle. To round off her impressions, Jessica Dime does the most stern face Mimi reenactment ever. At the end of the day, to Dime, Melissa and Mimi are both acting crazy for a woman who knows the drama she started.

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