Why Did Josh Peck Get Married This Weekend, But Didn’t Invite Drake Bell?

This is awkward.

Not only are we still dealing with the reality that one of our favorite Nickelodeon duos, Drake & Josh are all grown up and starting families and what not…we’re also trying to figure out why these two are beefing.

According to People Magazine, former Nickelodeon star Josh Peck, best known for his starring role on the hit sitcom Drake & Josh, wed his longtime girlfriend Paige O’Brien in a picture-perfect ceremony in Malibu, California. The 30-year-old actor and his new wife were surrounded by their closest family and friends. Unfortunately, his former co-star Drake Bell was noticeably absent.
To add insult to injury, Peck managed to invite some of his other colleagues like former Drake & Josh actor Jason Nash and his Grandfathered costar John Stamos.
The snub certainly didn’t get by Bell who, according to E! News, was in his bag on Twitter. “When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear…” A second tweet reportedly read, “Loyalty is key. ALWAYS remember where you came from.” After the tweets mysteriously disappeared from Bell’s feed, the actor/musician posted a throwback photo of himself and the groom. An olive branch, perhaps?

Back in February, Bell told VH1 exclusively that a Drake & Josh reunion is something they’d both consider, which makes the wedding snub all the more confusing. “We literally talk all the time, and we’re like a family,” Bells explained. “So, any opportunity that we could have to come back together, we’d love to do it. I guess with that said, we’re just having some fun.”

So what’s the deal – did Drake & Josh have a falling out that rendered their friendship irreparable, or did someone’s invite just get lost in the mail? Either way, it’s sad to see buddies this close have a falling out that would separate them during life’s biggest milestones.

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