You’re Going to LOL When You See Why Nelly is Calling for a Boycott of Instagram

Leaks, leaks, leaks.

Nelly, like many of us, is wondering why Al Sharpton has been serving up all these bad boosh style selfies on social media and your boy needs answers. In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s what your Uncle Al has been up to.

Look back at it! ?

Somebody come take his phone. ?
Wait till he can do it with one hand, tho.

In response the 62-yer-old Sharpton’s excessive flexin’ on the gram’, the rapper called on his followers to help stop the madness by boycotting Instagram until we all get to the root of this. “I say we boycott IG until we find out who in the hell is leaking these AL Sharpton pictures..!!!” he tweeted.

To stir the pot even more, Nelly suspected that beloved actress Cicely Tyson may be the special lady this renowned activist is trying to show off for.

Even though Nelly seems dead serious about this boycott, it doesn’t look like many folks will be on board considering the internet is being super petty with the #AlSharptonChallenge. Fun fact! Today is also National Selfie Day, so you know Al is about to go into overdrive with it.

The internet is still undefeated.

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