Check Yourself: Tommie Says She Wishes She Had A Man That Would Stalk Her All The Way To Jamaica, Drags Dime For Fighting Tresure

"[Dime] ain't never have a fight before. She seen Tresure is really weak. Why not? Kudos to Dime."

While everyone else was impressed with how Jessica Dime dragged Tresure P for speaking out of turn, Tommie Lee is a little underwhelmed.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip hop Atlanta, Tommie is focused on making ish classy for Le Don, so it could be “worldwide global.” She can’t help but feel hype when she heard the men popped up on their queens in Jamaica and a little satisfied in learning Tresure got dragged. For her sake, Tommie hopes that Dime really worked Tresure and throws in a little shade saying, that that was probably Jessica’s first fight. Tommie isn’t concerned about Dime or even believes the two of them have real beef. She feels a one-two punch would end their issues quick. In speaking on issues that really matter, like her problems with her mother Samantha, Tommie needs Tammy to process that Tommie will do whatever Tommie wants to do at the end of the day.

Meanwhile Momma Dee is moved to tears when she heard that Samantha hasn’t hugged Tommie in years, but she’s not buying a part of Sam’s performance. Momma Dee needs Samantha to admit to the mistakes she’s made, too. If humiliation is what she’s worried bout, Dee needs Samantha to know she wasn’t the only chick to be slinging drugs back in the day. Ya girl, Momma Dee, was practically the only pimp holding things down around those times. Tommie and Samantha need to approach one another with an open mind and heart if they want their relationship to work. Although Dee is throwing a little mother/daughter soiree, she still isn’t entirely sure if Sam and Tommie are on the invite list as of yet.

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