Joseline Has No Regrets With How She Treated Savannah, Continues Mocking Her To Stevie In The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek

"Vannah feel the need she wanted to jump scary. I didn't want to slap that nasty wig off of her head."

Welp, so much for getting along as a family. It looks like Joseline has no problem being far away from Stevie’s daughters and him in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek.

Now that things are calm and Stevie is finally able to see his daughter Bonnie Bella again, he wants to find out what’s really good with his newest BM. Joseline’s behavior towards Savannah was unacceptable in his opinion but the Puerto Rican princess seems fine with how everything went down. She understands that Savannah is just a teenager but had to restrain herself from smacking that “nasty wig off of her head.” Things did get crazy, Joseline agrees, but she had to let the Jordan sisters know that they can’t just pop off all scary like that, no matter how old they are. Since their altercation, Stevie’s sister has too dropped Joseline, leaving her with no additional care to help out with Bonnie. She tells Stevie that because of this, she has no choice but to move Bonnie to Miami, but Stevie says, his daughter is staying right in the A.

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