While the Basketball Wives Are In NYC, Jackie Brings Evelyn to Tears, and It’s Not Because They Made Up

Jackie done called Evelyn's daughter a "Build-A-Whore" to her face so the plot in their saga thickens.

Last week’s episode of Basketball Wives was a swift reminder that Evelyn Alexandra Lozada does not play when it comes to her kids. If calling her a bitch in front of her daughter results in the pop-off that we saw at the magazine party, it’s probably best to avoid bringing up her children unless you have something nice to say. Well clearly, Jackie missed that memo.

While at a dinner in New York for a Tami-organized girl’s trip, Jackie takes an opportunity to bring up her issue with Evelyn’s presence in Christie family business. Instead of just saying, “Hey Evelyn girl, I would like it if you give my daughter and I space to work on our relationship,” Jackie comes for Ev with what might be the lowest blow of the season so far: “What if I listened to the s— that’s on the internet about you having a daughter that they say is a build-a-whore?” To say that everyone was stunned would be an understatement because you can literally see Shaunie’s heart skip two beats.

Everyone at the table was probably waiting for Evelyn to pick up a bottle and get it poppin’, but instead, the new calm, cool and collected Evelyn silently puts her head down trying to regain her composure. New Evelyn doesn’t stay for very long because next thing you know, she and Jackie start trying to out-shout each other at the table. Evelyn excuses herself and goes outside while Jackie vents her frustrations to everyone still trapped at the table. Come through Saniy’yah (yeah, seriously, her) for trying to be the voice of reason and explain to Jackie everything from an outside perspective, even though she doesn’t get very far.

Outside with Shaunie consoling her and Tami smoking a cigarette, Evelyn starts to break down in tears because she’s so frustrated with Jackie coming for her daughter that she can’t do anything but cry. Shaunie, the resident Basketball Wives peacekeeper even admits that if someone talked about her daughter like that they would have gotten bopped. While agreeing that kids are off limits, Bonnie-Jill comes out to announce that Jackie would like an apology despite being the one that called someone else’s child a “build-a-whore.”

Chileeee, don’t start none, won’t be none.

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