Definitive Proof That Erykah Badu is the Coolest Mom on The Planet

Childhood's gotta be pretty dope with "Fat Belly Bella" as your mom.

There are countless reasons to love Erykah Badu. Aside from the fact that she’s a singing legend in every right, she’s also hilarious on social media and she takes the same comedic approach to parenting her three adorable AF kids Seven, 19, Puma, 12 and Mars 8.

As the Badu kids get older, their personalities become more and more colorful – and it’s pretty clear they’ve inherited tons of personality traits from their irresistibly quirky mom. We can’t seem to get enough of the mommy moments Badu shares on Instagram. It’s obvious that this free-spirit is raising future rockstars and frankly, we’re damn lucky to watch it all unfold.

Check out all the incredible parenting moments that make Erykah Badu pretty much the coolest mom on the planet.

Erykah Badu isn’t the only celeb with a dope approach to parenting. Check out this clip of T.I. and Tiny surprising their kids with a new dog in the most creative way.

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