5 Things to Know About Rihanna’s New Make Out Buddy, Hassan Jameel

The FBI's got nothing on the Navy.

So Rihanna’s allegedly got a new man and the internet doesn’t quite know how to deal. And rightfully so. I mean, we had really nothing to go on save for a few grainy paparazzi photos of Riri and this anonymous Rico Suave getting frisky in a hot tub. Well, chill out and let’s regroup because we’ve got some piping hot tea on who this new mystery man is.

His name is Hassan Jameel and when he’s not making out with Rihanna on an exotic vacation in Spain, he’s busy running a very large company and elbow-rubbing with some high profile people. Being that he’s not a celebrity and we’ve literally never seen these two in public before, we of course had to go digging into this Mr. Jameel’s background and report the findings. Aside from that gorgeous, full head of hair and beaming smile, there are more than a few special qualities about Hassan that we suspect made Rihanna want to break her single streak. Get the tea below!

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