Which Unforgettable TV Boss Would You Love Working For?

You might appreciate your actual boss more.

If you think your boss is tough, you haven’t seen anything yet. TV has provided us with countless entertainment, stories, and characters, especially TV bosses. Below are some of the most famous and infamous office leaders the small screen has birthed. Some are role models, some are proof on what not to do in a workplace, some we hate to love, and a few are actually really good at their job.

We adore these character for the endless entertainment they’ve brought us, but ask yourself, would you work for them? Could you handle Michael Scott and his bizarre team meetings, or Ari Gold calling you every offensive name in the book on a day to day basis? Check out the list below and vote for the boss you would enjoy working for.

Watch comedians Michelle Buteau and Jade Catta-Preta sound off on which character from “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” sums up their lives.

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