Here’s How the Royal Family is Celebrating Princess Diana’s Birthday

What a beautiful way to honor one of the world's most beloved Princesses.

By Jasmine Washington

Nearly two decades after the tragic death of Princess Diana, the Royal family is fighting to keep her memory alive.

The beloved princess was honored on what would’ve been her 56th birthday by her close family and friends.

According to People, Princess Di’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry were joined by Princess Kate and her brother Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, for an intimate grave re-dedication ceremony at Oval Lake at Althorp House on Saturday, July 1.

The Royal Family’s quest to honor Princess Diana will continue on August 31, which marks the 20th anniversary of her passing. Prince William and Harry will debut a statue of their mother in a public commemoration at Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana was tragic killed in a car accident on August 31 1997 at the age of 36.