#DisappointYourMotherIn3Words is Trending and It’s Funny for All of the Wrong Reasons

Proper spelling means nothing when it comes to a hilarious #TT.

By Jasmine Washington

Twitter is on fire right now with users reminiscing on hilarious ways to disappoint their mothers. Jokes about their cooking skills and hilarious quips about their hobbies just scratch the surface of the hilarity that the new hashtag has created online.

While the laughs keep coming in, it seems as though the real joke is on Twitter users. #DisappointYourMotherIn3Words has an astounding five tweets while #DissapointYourMotherIn3Words” has dozens of entries and is listed as a trending topic. Basically, the misspelled version of the #TT continues to gain momentum while the grammatically correct version is being overlooked.

Imperfect spelling and grammar aside, we’ve got to admit that this trending topic is one for the books.

Check out some of our faves below:

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