Party Foul: Four Problematic AF Points About Rob’s Rant We Need to Talk About

Whatever Rob was trying to prove, this rant didn't help his cause.

If you have the internet and you’ve been on it once today, then you know that Robert Kardashian was wilding the f out at the crack of dawn exposing Blac Chyna with all types of receipts that no one asked for.

In case you missed the hot-mess express that was Rob’s Instagram feed, here’s a recap of the tea: Chyna accused Rob of physically assaulting her on Snapchat, he came back with vids of her boo-loving with someone else on IG, then texts of dude trying to extort Rob for money from his sock empire, and then he blasted his feed with Chyna’s nudes and hardcore drug allegations while sprinkling in the amount of money he’s spent on Chyna while she cheated on him. It might be safe to say that momager-extrodinaire, Kris Jenner has finally snatched up his phone.

Now that the dust has settled and some of the posts have been deleted, there a few other things that need to be addressed outside of the posts themselves.

Number one: Rob’s tirade was wrong. Doesn’t matter what she did, but leaking naked pictures of Blac Chyna to the world without her consent is actually a violation both morally and legally. Some people don’t see this a problem considering she’s a former dancer:

To all the people that believed they were clever posting these type of comments, there’s a HUGE difference: as a dancer, Chyna was a consenting adult making her own decisions. This morning, she did not consent when Rob decided to release private pics to his 9.5 million followers on IG. We have a name for those pictures that Rob released: revenge porn. It’s also important to highlight that in the state of California, since 2013, revenge porn is misdemeanor and people have been convicted for it. So just one more time for the people in the back, revenge porn is actually a crime, which makes it quite different than stripping.

Number one, subsection a: He’s on a roll and released her phone number again so now people are blowing up her phone because his feelings are hurt.

Rob has got to stop releasing people’s phone numbers to the public when he gets mad (see evidence A and evidence B.)

Number two: Robert Arthur Kardashian and Angela Renee White (government officiated names were needed for the extra emphasis) are somebody’s parents. Anytime two celebs wild out publicly, we always jump to the point that their kid’s are going to see this out of control behavior and this has always been the sentiment for the Kardashians because they are always getting crazy in the Calabasas streets. What makes this most recent saga even more troubling is that in his dragging of the mother of his first child, Rob acknowledges that he has a daughter to think about but then uses her to justify putting her mama on blast.

What he fails to acknowledge, and quite possibly realize, is that by going on in on Chyna he’s not showing his daughter what love or respect looks like. We could have all gone on about our day if he took to IG to say, “Chyna has done some messed up stuff, but I’m focused on my daughter and I’m done!” and there would have been no harm, no foul. But instead, he decided to post graphic images and degrading comments about the mother of his child that will never go away. In the end, he feels Chyna isn’t teaching baby Dream love with her actions, but he’s not teaching her how to respect people with his.

Number three: Rob probably intended make Chyna out to be the bad guy, but he ended up really only playing himself. Most of us are unbothered by who she slept with, but Rob clearly thought slut-shaming, body shaming and telling us that he paid for her snap back and the ice on wrists would mean something to the general public. Now we’re all wondering if his sock game is strong enough to support these claims.

In fact, this whole thing had people concerned for Rob’s mental health with some fans taking to his mother’s Instagram to leave comments on pictures pleading with her to get him help.


Number four: Rob has a history of problematic break-ups so this Blac Chyna messiness is nothing new. Back in the infancy of the Kardashian’s rise to fame, Rob dated Adrienne Bailon, and they publicly broke up after 2 years and later attributed it to Rob’s cheating. He later dated Rita Ora who he publicly slut-shamed on Twitter (because Instagram didn’t yet exist for him to do his slandering) for sleeping with almost 20 dudes. Then, there’s the roller coaster of a relationship with Chyna that has flooded our feeds for the past few years. Rob doesn’t know how to amicably break up with anyone especially without involving the whole world in their mess. This isn’t a healthy way to air grievances with people that hurt you. Having been enabled by his family and their unique perspective on sharing everything with the world, there doesn’t seem to be anyone to show him that this isn’t how you handle pain.

And now that the entire morning has been spent talking about Rob, here’s some advice: Rob should sip some water, turn off his phone and take notes from the wise words from everyone’s favorite internet play-Uncle, Uncle Snoop D-O-double-G, “He knew what he was getting into when he got her, she is what she is, she was what she was, quit crying to the internet.”

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