These Hilarious Off-Guard Pics from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Were Way Too Memeable to Pass Up

Laugh a little because people get dragged a lot.

You CANNOT get caught slipping if you’re VH1 talent on set because the cameras are almost always rolling and if not, someone is snapping a photo. Unfortunately for some of your faves (but lucky for us), there was so much going on, our photographers captured some pretty hilarious candid moments. Since we hate wasting, we figured, “why not meme them?” Don’t get it twisted, ’fits were on point, edges were gelled down, and faces were juju beat so it’s nothing personal, just jokes. So calmate and flip through!

  • 1
    When you’re always the last kid in your class to get picked up.

  • 2
    Rowena Husbands
    When your girl thinks she’s about to catch you slipping up but you have proof you weren’t lying.

  • 3
    Rowena Husbands
    When your parents force you to stay for the third service at church.

  • 4
    Rowena Husbands
    When the man in the deli starts making your sammich and you yell out “AYO, I said no onions, chief!” to remind him.

  • 5
    Rowena Husbands
    When your homegirl comes out the dressing room with a ’fit you’re not feeling.

  • 6
    When you ask your auntie for some of her food in front of your mom and yo’ mama whispers “Keep begging, see what happens.”

  • 7
    Rowena Husbands
    When your mom’s friend makes you to take a pic with her at the function.

  • 8
    When Nicki’s verse in “Monster” comes on.

  • 9
    When your child starts running around while you sitting with company.

  • 10
    Me taking my 9th grade yearbook pic.

  • 11
    When you and your homegirl spot a fine man with grey sweats on.

  • 12
    When you and your friends witness a street fight but you from Brooklyn so you used to this.

  • 13
    *record scratch* *freeze frame* “Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how we got here…”

  • 14
    Rowana Husbands
    When you just that gutta!

  • 15
    *in the club* Him: Can I getcho’ numba? Me:

  • 16
    When you trying to take your conceited selfies in peace and someone says, “you look so pretty!” Me: I know…

  • 17
    When you’re almost at the front of the line at the club and you can’t find that $20 you put in your bra.

  • 18
    “Take this pic of me for the gram real quick.”

  • 19
    Rowena Husbands
    “I don’t like that one, one ’mo'”

  • 20
    “Aight sis, last one.”

Don’t miss part two of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, next Monday at 8/7c! Can’t wait? Check out the sneak below!

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