Bonus Clip: Star Jones Compares Daytime Divas to Her Own Experiences on TV

"It gave me agita then... watching Maxine go through it gives me agita again!"

You know when Daytime Divas executive producer Star Jones issues the #InsideInfoAlert, she’s about to drop some steaming hot tea – and she certainly didn’t disappoint in this week’s DD bonus clip.

On this week’s episode, Maxine finds her self in quite the pickle when her guest co-host Cecille unexpectedly sets her up on a blind date live on the air (eek! The nerve!) Of course, Maxine doesn’t divulge the fact that she’s secretly dating The Lunch Hour’s door man William because kissing and telling is so not Maxine’s style. Besides, certain members of the show have already aired out enough personal drama to last a lifetime (looking at you, Shawn and Nina!)

Though the fictional love triangle involving Maxine, William and the mystery man makes one hell of a juicy script, Star can tell you from experience how cringe-worthy it is to have people meddling in your love life. If you remember Star’s days as a daytime talk show host, you’ll remember her being set up on “Star’s Dating Adventure,” aka Star’s most “mortifying moment” on her old show. If you don’t remember it, well… let’s just say that’s exactly how Star prefers it.

Watch the bonus clip above and don’t forget to tune into Daytime Divas Mondays at 10/9c!

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