Janet Mock Makes a Lunch Hour Guest Appearance and Heather Becomes Obsessed With Her in this Daytime Divas Sneak Peek

"She is so manipulative. I love it."

The Daytime Divas ladies have been graced with another stunning celebrity guest host. This week, it’s the accomplished transgender activist and author Janet Mock. While Maxine assumes that Heather, The Lunch Hour’s conservative ray of sunshine, will react awkwardly to their first trans co-host, quite the opposite is true. Heather is actually obsessed with Janet. In fact, probably too obsessed for Nina and Kibby to believe her intentions in getting buddy-buddy with her are 100% pure.

Secretly, Nina knows behind that sweet smile, Christian rhetoric and innocent gaze, the wheels are turning in Heather’s head. Just like Heather cooked up a plot to get their previous co-host Portia Camden on the outs, Janet could be in for the same “Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde” treatment from Heather, too. As executive producer Star Jones warned, no daytime TV personality really appreciates a guest co-host barging in on their territory anyway. So is anyone really ever safe? We think not.

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