Jessica Dime is Sorry Not Sorry for Dragging Tresure P and Says Lovely Mimi Needs to Go Back Under the Rock She Crawled From

There can only be one JESSICA DIME.

Jessica Dime used to be about that life but now that she’s engaged-to-be-married to Shawne Williams and focusing on her burgeoning career as an artist and businesswoman, she’s in a different space. Dime’s glow up this season is absolutely everything but the newbies this season and vet Tommie Lee tried her, and she’s still not here for any of them.

In this exclusive interview with VH1, Dime speaks on where her relationship with Tommie is at since the reunion was filmed. It’s no surprise that it’s nonexistent, despite Tammy Rivera’s diligence, and Dime would like to keep it that way. She also addresses the drag seen ’round the gram when Tresure P decided to overshare to Rasheeda. That whoopin’ took place literally the day before she got engaged and had she known Shawne would pop the question, Jessica would’ve handled that sitch very differently. Even after seeing how she uninstalled Tresure’s unit with a single pull, Dime regrets nothing because Miss P has apparently been poppin’ off for a minute. There’s a time and a place and because she feels like Tresure’s mom didn’t whip her enough, Dime decided it was time for that lesson at that moment in Jamrock. As if Tommie and Tresure wasn’t enough to deal with, drama with Lovely Mimi began to brew this season. According to Dime there can only be one pink-wigged barb and Lovely Mimi ain’t it.

Take a look at what Jessica had to say when she keeps it a buck on how she feels in the interview below!

In this clip from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Lovely Mimi gets carried off stage when she tries to get loud with Dime.

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