Saniy’yah Puts Hands on Hazel and Her Friend When They Try and Pop Up on Her Party

"It's two baby monkeys trying to attack Gard-zilla."

Don’t sleep on Saniy’yah! On tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives, Hazel brought her friend Ashley to Saniy’yah’s “I’m moving to LA” party and because of Ashley and Saniy’yah’s past with the same man, things didn’t exactly go smoothly.

The moment Saniy’yah saw Hazel’s girl she wanted to know why they were at her party. Hazel’s defense, “I was invited like anybody else” but Saniy’yah’s really not here for that and quickly lashes out, putting her hands on both Hazel and Ashley. Jackie Christie’s description, “It’s two baby monkeys trying to attack Gard-zilla.” Everyone (Tami, Shaunie) seems genuinely shocked that this is how the evening turned but Saniy’yah just wants these ladies out of her event. Shaunie says, “Clearly Hazel didn’t make the best choice by bringing Ashley to Saniy’yah’s party but, damn, Saniy’yah’s turn-up is real and out of nowhere and I’m feeling done with her, like, done.” Tami similarly feels like even though she was cool with Saniy’yah that it’s probably a wrap, “I think this may be the end of the road for me and Saniy’yah. Girl, Hazel is my niece. I don’t know if I can roll with you.”

There’s a whole lot going on, and Hazel says it doesn’t matter because Saniy’yah is a “side chick for life,” and while the Miami OGs are super apologetic to Hazel about Saniy’yah’s behavior, Jackie’s mad that she feels like her friend is going to get dropped from the circle while Evelyn can do whatever she wants. Lord!

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