Oh Baby, Can Someone Tell Us What Nicki Minaj’s Tweet Means?

Nicki, why do you have to be so cryptic?

By: Andrea Wurzburger

Nicki Minaj has just sent the internet into a frenzy. No, it’s not because she threw shade at another celeb or was caught doing anything scandalous. Rather, the rapper tweeted a single emoji. What’s so special about this emoji, you ask? Well, the internet believes that it could be a sign that Nicki Minaj has a baby on the way.

Minaj is known for trolling fans and celebs alike, so we’re not going to jump to any conclusions just yet. Some fans are convinced that the tweet is a nod to the cover art for DJ Khaled’s “Grateful.” She did just do a single with him, after all.

So what is it, Nicki? Was it an accidental tweet? A subtle nod to DJ Khallad’s adorable son, Ashad? Or are you really just messing with us?

Let us know what you think:

There may or may not be subtle shade thrown out when Remy Ma tried guessing the next lyric to the song “Anaconda.”

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