Rob Kardashian Apologizes to His Family for Blac Chyna Drama

He wishes he handled his issues privately.

The Kardashian clan has gone radio silent when it comes to Rob Kardashian’s drama with ex-fiancée Blac Chyna. And boy, is there a lot of drama. TBH, they’re probably just ignoring it in favor of more important things. Like ice cream!

Or Kim’s new, non-existent, drug habit.

But this morning, TMZ reported that Rob has apologized to his family for his behavior and for bullying Chyna. A source told TMZ that, while Rob denies physically abusing Chyna, he never should have slut-shamed her on social media. TMZ reports that Rob, “said he regrets he didn’t deal with the Chyna drama privately and said it wouldn’t happen again.”

Obviously, because family is the most important thing to the famous family, the source told TMZ that the women accepted his apology.

We know your feelings about all of the drama might be getting pretty close to Kourtney’s iconic, “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” So revisit the clip below.

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