Ceaser Refutes Dutchess’ Claims That She Caught a Charge For Him, He Says It Never Happened

"Dutchess is such a liar, this s--t don't make no more sense to me."

Dutchess done told us wrong, according to ex-fiance Ceaser, about taking the rap with the boys for her former flame.

In this exclusive interview with VH1 (mid-workout with his trainer, we might add) Ceaser says that Dutchess is straight up lying about copping a charge on his behalf. If you tuned into the Black Ink Crew:Behind the Ink special last night (7/12), Dutchess claimed something the audience doesn’t know is that she put her record on the line to protect her former fiancé at the time. However, Cease’s lie detector test determines that is lie (Maury voice) as he is very adamant that ol’ girl never did such a thing.

In case you didn’t catch it, in this highlight, Dutchess’ claims she was a ride-or-die for her ex so much so, she caught a case.

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