Aaron Carter Slams Big Brother Nick For a Very Questionable Tweet Following His DUI Arrest

"Why wouldn’t he call me directly?"

While you were at the movies watching the brilliant War for Planet of the Apes movie this weekend, Aaron Carter was getting his rights read to him at an AutoZone on Saturday. Following the incident, he took to Twitter to share a statement (read below) addressing what went down, as well as sharing a few angry words to his brother Nick Carter.

According to the statement, the singer was on a promo tour for his new single “Sooner or Later” when one of the new tires on his car “went out of alignment,” so he decided to get it fixed at an AutoZone in Cornelia, Georgia. Soon after, Aaron was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and for possession of marijuana “by several police officers with aggression.” The tweet reveals that he’s actually an owner of a medical license for medical marijunana, and believes he was arrested due to his “celebrity” status. Carter goes on to apologize for any inconveniences this incident will have on upcoming tour dates.

When news broke of his arrest, big bro Nick oddly hopped on Twitter to give a helping hand to his younger sibling.

Does he not have his younger brother’s phone number? Why didn’t he reach out in person? Many fans were confused by his method of communication, and Aaron felt some type a way about it.

“If my own blood (Nick) truly cared about my well-being, why wouldn’t he call me directly and have a conversation instead of making this about him through a very public forum? That’s not cool at all to use me for his PR and kick me while I am down,” he said in his statement.


There seems to be trouble in the Carter household despite Aaron concluding his statement with “I love my family despite it through thick and thin.”

Watch Nick and Aaron Carter reconnect over a bro fishing trip on I Heart Nick Carter below.

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