Mo is Back and Maxine is Ready to Bring The Claws Out in This Daytime Divas Sneak Peek

"This pussy has nine lives."

Next week’s episode of Daytime Divas proves you can’t keep a good woman down…at least that’s Mo’s mantra. The former Lunch Hour co-host made a pop-up visit back to her stomping grounds to brag about her new gig catch up with her old colleagues, but as we all know, people like Maxine don’t like surprises (especially from her enemies).

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Mo has got a new job, a new wig and a new attitude, which she couldn’t wait to rub in her arch nemesis Maxine’s face. The two mixed worse than oil and water on camera, and backstage their catty drama reaches peak petty levels. Mo may be wild, crazy and braggadocious…but she’s definitely not stupid. Even though she’s sitting pretty at her new gig on Morning Talk, she’s got her ear to the streets and knows The Lunch Hour is having trouble finding someone to fill her empty chair. So as history has taught us, this is likely not just a casual visit. Miss Mo definitely has some tricks up her sleeve. Tune in to Daytime Divas next week, Monday July 24th + 10/9c to watch the drama play out.

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