VH1 Stars Ultimate Friendship Moments

That's what friends are for. ?

VH1 shows have their fair share of drama, and in those moments our favorite stars show us who they really are. True friends are hard to come by, but luckily for these VH1 stars their friends have proven to be loyal and loving in a major time of need, and there’s no better time to celebrate that than, Friendship Day, August 6th. From Ariane being there for Mimi after a tragic family loss on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, to Tiny and Shekinah proving that they are a hilarious modern day version of Thelma and Louise on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, these stars show the true definition of friendship. Watch each moment below and remember when it comes to holding a friend down in a moment of crisis, it’s what you do.

  • Ariane helps Mimi grieve the lost of her father.

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    Grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy, especially when saying goodbye to a parent. But thankfully, friends are there to lift us up when we’re down. In Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Ariane helps her best friend Mimi grieve the loss of her father. Although Mimi insists she’s fine, Ariane made it her business to reassure her BFF that, “It’s ok to be vulnerable.” On top of the loss of Mimi’s father, her issues with Eva’s father Stevie had reached a boiling point. You know what they say: “when it rains it pours.” In this case, having a ride or die BFF in your corner to hold the umbrella is a major key.

  • Shaunie and Tami give Jackie and Doug an awesome surprise-wedding gift.

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    Jackie and Doug Christie have kept their marriage strong for 20 years by throwing an annual wedding, and this past year was no different. To celebrate their two decades together, Doug sent Jackie and the girls on a trip to Portugal, and turned it into a honeymoon when he popped up on the girls with a surprise wedding. Count on fellow Basketball Wives LA stars Shaunie and Tami to set the mood right! Since they couldn’t make the surprise wedding, the girls honored their friends with a rose-filled rooftop serenade. They even hired Jackie’s favorite sweet guitarist to play a romantic song. Tami and Shaunie’s thoughtful gesture was so sweet and well planned, it brought a tear to Jackie’s eye and ours.

  • Tiny is hypnotized while going to a seminar to support Shekinah.

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    Tiny and BFF Shekinah will support each other through anything. In the T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle episode they got more than they bargained for when visiting a hypnotist to rid Shekinah of her smoking habit. Shekinah totally isn’t buying these spells. In fact, they stress her out so much; she starts craving a cigarette even more. Tameka, however, is a different story. She’s falls easily under into hypnosis, going from sweltering hot to freezing cold at the hypnotist’s commands. Shekinah is so freaked out by this, she urged Tameka to snap out if it. After all, they don’t know this guy from a hole in the wall. You can never be too safe!

  • Mimi Teaches Stevie to Slow Dance

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    Stevie and Mimi have been through hell and back trying to make their relationship work, while co-parenting their daughter. On Season 1 of Leave It To Stevie, we finally see their tumultuous relationship take a turn for the better and become a true friendship. The feuding exes become friends as Mimi tries to teach Stevie how to slow dance in preparation for Eva’s father-daughter dance. Smooth Stevie is looking like a fish out of water as he tries to nail the 1, 2 step, but on the bright side, it’s good to see Mimi and Stevie really getting along.

  • Fat Joe and Remy Ma Reconnect

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    Real friendships can weather the test of time and turmoil. Remy Ma and Fat Joe are proof of that. The long time cohorts had an ugly falling out during Remy’s incarceration, but they were able to patch up their sibling-like union in a major way upon her release. In this clip they reminisce on the good times and confess how important their bond is personally and professionally.