5 Times Mariah Carey Entertained Us Without Singing

There's no such thing as stage fails in Mariah Carey's world.

Mariah Carey is a legend, which means she’s past the point of having to break a sweat to keep us ROTFL. Are you not entertained?

Mimi is currently in the news for inspiring yet another viral meme. This time, the “elusive chanteuse” was filmed giving a…less than enthused performance at a recent show. Those who truly love Mariah (??) found the video hilarious; adding further proof to the fact that the queen can honestly do whatever the hell she wants at this point in her career.

By now, y’all should know that Mariah isn’t going to break into an aggressive 16-count choreography on stage or do aerial acrobats from the ceiling a la Pink. But why should she have to? This diva extraordinaire entertains us in so many other ways, it makes her lackluster stage moments not only acceptable but welcome.

These are all the ways Mariah keeps us absolutely tickled without singing a single note.

Mariah aka The Queen of Christmas opens up Divas Holiday: Unsilent Night with a performance of her hit holiday song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

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