EXCLUSIVE: Bonnie-Jill Laflin Stripped Down to Her Birthday Suit in Support of PETA

See these stunning photos now!

Bonnie-Jill Laflin made a splash on her first season of Basketball Wives and now the former basketball scout is making a splash all in the name of, what else, but animals! Laflin stripped down to nothing but her long tresses and her birthday suit all in the name of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and of course, we have the exclusive photos of the beauty.


The reality star, former pro cheerleader, and the league’s first female scout posed with the bold statement, “Proud to Have Been NBA’s First Female Scout—Even Prouder to Be a Vegan.”

In an interview, Laflin opened up about her choice to be vegan, saying,

“[B]eing a female in a man’s world, I’ve got thick skin. [I]t really helps me stand up for what I believe in. Even if you’re standing alone, you always stand up. And I like to stand up for animals. If you go into the factory farms and you see what these animals endure and the torture—it’s not right and the only way to not participate in that is to go vegan.”


It’s been a running joke on season six of Basketball Wives that all BJ wants to do is save the animals (specifically, she loves them dogs!) so it’s great to see her put her money where her mouth is and we salute her for taking a stand. For more information on PETA visit their official site.