Check Yourself: Zell and Moniece Are Not Here for “Dusty, Crusty, and Not Trusty” Crashing Their Karaoke Night In the Pursuit of Masika

"The next scene you're about to see is America's most wanted blow up doll, Miss Nikki Baby, Hoe-lexis and her polyester lace front wig, and Hazel crashing karaoke night like three bandits looking for Masika."

If you thought Masika and Moniece were going to kumbaya Hazel-E this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, you were most certainly mistaken because not only are they still beefing with her, along with their friend and new cast member, Zell, they are reading her in the season’s very first Check Yourself.

This might be Zell’s first episode but if we know one thing about him, it’s that you can’t tell him anything about himself and sure enough, the first thing out of his mouth is how he’s looking better than Killa Cam in his pink ensemble at Hazel-E’s Women’s Empowerment event. Moniece and Zell aren’t amused with Nikki’s fashion choice to the event either because all Zell wants is to see her in something classy, you know “Ms. Nikki without the Baby”. They all react to hearing Hazel’s performance for the first time, since they missed it because they wore headphones to the event and none of the Petty Squad is impressed. While Masika is having a solo kiki at the drama that went down at the performance, Moneice wants to know where Hazel’s arm candy is and why he’s not defending her honor, “What happened to the man child? He’s supposed to back you up girl. He left you…for popsicles and pizza?” It’s unfortunate that the Women’s Empowerment event ended up with these women bashing each other, but TBH, what else did you expect?

The second clip up for discussion, according to Moniece is “America’s Most Wanted Blow-up Doll…Hoe-lexis and her polyester lace front wig and Hazel crashing karaoke night like three bandits looking for Masika.” Everyone was bopping at karaoke, but also wondering where Masika is, when Nikki, Alexis, and Hazel all came in looking for Masika. Moniece is still not here for Nikkki’s fashion choices and seems amused when Zell calls Nikki “cheap-ish.” There seems to be a slight disagreement on who is a peasant and who talks to them…just kidding the word peasant is the catalyst for a dead-ass purse-and-drink-throwing fight. We all know that Alexis joined the show to deliver a message to “Hosika,” but it seems that everyone else missed that memo or just doesn’t care. Nevertheless, it seems like this isn’t the end of this Zell-Moneice-Masika-Alexis-Hazel-Nikki saga and the rest of us are just gonna have to watch it play out like poor AD, who clearly did not sign up for all the drama.

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