Rihanna Rolled Up to the Valerian Premiere With a Whole Lotta Cleavage and We’re Here For It

She's certainly werk-werk-werk-werk-werkin' that dress!

By: Andrea Wurzburger

Valerian had its European premiere in London last night, and while the stars were all out, there was one who truly shined bright like a diamond: Queen RiRi. Rihanna rolled up in a boob-tastic red dress and took a stroll down the blue carpet. The singer is known for her bold fashion choices, and last night was no exception.
She captioned this pic, “’eyes up here’ ?.” So not only is she killin’ the game in her Giambattista Valli dress, she’s also a ~*mind reader*~.

And while Rihanna plays a shapeshifting alien named Bubble in the film, it’s her dress that was truly out of this world.

Some people just needed to take a second to appreciate it.

Embedded from giphy.com.