Ryan Henry Comes At Ceaser for Claiming Chicago as Part of His Black Ink Empire In The Black Ink Crew: Chicago Sneak Peek

"Chicago, you know that's me. It's off limits, man."

Cease can have Harlem and even Atlanta, but Chicago is off limits and Ryan Henry makes that very clear.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak, Ryan is happily swamped at a tattoo convention with customers just waiting to get an offish 9 Mag tattoo. He spots Ceaser from the New York franchise and notices he has Chicago on his list of Black Ink city takeovers. Harlem is a given, Atlanta is a new development, Orlando is looking good, but Chicago is already held down by 9 Mag. Ryan respects Cease’s hustle but needs him to know Chi-Town is taken care of. Ceaser jokingly asks about 9 Mag saying everything’s for sale but Ryan is like, not tuh-day. In a plot twist, ex-employee Cobra pulls up and Ryan has a look on his face, wondering TF why.

She didn’t exactly leave peacefully, so we get it. Don’t miss an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago, next Wednesday at 8/7c!

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