ICYMI: Van Deadass Breaks Into 9 Mag After Ryan Changed the Locks On Him and Attempts to Beat the Breaks Off of Junior For Talking Ish

"That whole 'family' s--t you have going on is bulls---t. Your family is at home."

Van is so fed up with Ryan that he takes a crowbar to the window of the shop they built together and keeps that same energy when employee Junior tries to come at him sideways.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, Charmaine’s “ass-throwing in a circle” is interrupted when she thinks someone is breaking into the shop. Junior and the new receptionist accompany her to see what’s going down and to their surprise, Van broke in. Junior makes it his business to tell Van he owes Ryan for the window, making Van even more heated. After calling their family dynamic bulls—t and talking on his time locked up, Van steps to Junior for the disrespect. The two scuffle it up before being broken up by security and even then Junior is still throwing shots.

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