Awkward! Charmaine’s Boss Puts Her On Probation Because She Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Her Man While She’s Working

Can't you see she's with her boyfriend?

It looks like Charmaine thought that being on the radio meant that no one could see her. At least, that’s how it seems considering the healthy amount of PDA she shared with her boyfriend Neek. Just when you thought that it couldn’t get more awkward than Bibby trying to compliment her cooking and Charmaine thinking he’s talking about eating something entirely different… it did.

Bibby is pretty much all of us when we’re third wheeling.


After passing by her office and seeing Charmaine making out with Neek, her boss Johnny decided it was time to law down the law. “You can’t have your boyfriend comin’ to work with a damn picnic basket with chicken and sh-t in it. What is wrong with you?” Uhh doyyyy.

And while Charmaine thinks that he’s just joking, it turns out her boss is totally serious. After some back-and-forth, Johnny decided that Charmaine needed to learn a lesson about being professional in the work place (and maybe about making sure that your guest isn’t forced to watch her mack on her boyfriend.) You do you, girl! Just make sure you’re alone and maybe buy some curtains for next time?

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