Evelyn and Jennifer Break Down in Tears Reading Jackie’s Daughter’s Book in the Basketball Wives Sneak Peek

"She felt like, in her mind that she was fat and we're talking about nine years old."

Jackie Christie’s daughter Ta’Karie Lee continues to be the hot topic of conversation among the circle of ladies. In a sneak peek for an all new Basketball Wives, Evelyn and Jennifer hit up the beach in Miami with copies of Ta’Kari’s tell-all book in hand.

Evelyn reveals to Shaunie that she has a copy for her too, and reads excerpts from the memoir that characterize Jackie as a Mommie Dearest-like figure. “She said, ’My mother would buy big jugs of vinegar and transfer them into 8 oz. bottles that I had to drink all the time.’ She felt like, in her mind that she was fat and we’re talking about nine years old. She said, ’My mother took take issue with everything about me. Why are you chewing like that? That bite is too big. Why are you breathing so hard? Are you retarded? What’s wrong with you, girl?” It’s like, she couldn’t do anything right. You want your kids to feel beautiful and great, regardless of whatever flaw they have.” Jennifer joins Evelyn in commiserating, pointing out that Ta’Kari chronicles writing her first suicide note in the book. Shaunie isn’t sure what to believe and acknowledges that this book is Ta’Kari’s truth and what Jackie knows in her heart is her truth.

Will these ladies be able to help Jackie and her daughter bridge the gap? Find out on an all new Basketball Wives, next Monday at 9/8!