Moniece Doesn’t Understand Why Masika Just Won’t Face Alexis Skyy in this Weeks’ Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

"You don't want to give her life, don't give her life. But, when you get all hype..."

It’s one thing to not want to give Alexis Skyy life by discussing her. It’s another to run off set whenever her name is brought up which is why Moniece is kind of confused at Masika’s behavior.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, newbie Zell is feeling his own self, watching the playback. Moniece makes an awkward face watching Masika go awf about not wanting to talk about Alexis with Zell. Moniece understands why Masika refuses to speak on someone who doesn’t exist to her but why all the extraness? If Masika wants to call him an SOB (Season One B–h) Zell says, he’ll be that. The man already had several drinks thrown on him and it’s only episode two.

Meanwhile at the sperm bank, Lyrica swears that inside of the doctor’s office was the first and only time she got freaky like that. She’s all for being kinky but helping A1 release his little soldiers was a different level of freak-a-leak for her.

Brooke Valentine can’t even look at how weak she was when her boyfriend Marcus Black showed her the divorce papers. The man always knows how to say the right thing to her after he messes up and she falls for it every single time. It may look like he’s all about sex but Marcus needs you all to understand that he’s been courting Brooke for a long time. He feels if anyone should be trying to set up a situation in the telly, it should be Brooke because it’s not like she has anyone else. Or does she?

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