ICYMI: Jackie Has Had Enough Of Shaunie in This Basketball Wives Highlight

"I'm not on 10, I'm on 20 and that's why I'm leaving."

This highlight clip is definitive proof that you can’t take the ladies of Basketball Wives anywhere without some source of tension coming to a boiling point. It was to be expected that there would be some tension between Jackie and Evelyn when they were both invited to a day on Kijafa Vick’s yacht (can’t wait to see more of you on Baller Wives, Kijafa!), but what wasn’t expected was Jackie going off on Shaunie.

After excusing herself from the group, Jackie heads to a room where she tries to tell Shaunie exactly why she’s hurt by Evelyn’s relationship with Takari. She does everything from acknowledge that she was wrong about the build-a-whore comment to say that it’s probably best that she gets off the boat. But when Jackie starts saying “y’all” instead of specifically referencing Evelyn while trying to explain what her problem is, Shaunie is not here for it. Shaunie is clearly over all of this. But Jackie’s tears dry right up and she starts to get a little crunk when Shaunie straight up says, “This is not anything that I care about in my life. I really don’t!”

Hazel, Tami and Malaysia are watching Shaunie and Jackie go back and forth like a Wimbledon championship match as Jackie accuses Shaunie of being a part of the problem and Shaunie has no idea what she’s talking about. Malaysia decides to leave with Jackie, even though she doesn’t know what made her friend so up but adamantly will not ditch her friend. On her way out the door, Jackie is stopped by Tami, with an hors d’oeuvre plate in hand, to ask if the two of them are good. Jackie is sort of speaking in cryptic codes and doesn’t give Tami a real answer, so Tami just stands there eating her grapes.

While the cause of Jackie’s anger is still a mystery to many of the ladies, this should all make for a very interesting finale next week.

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