TIP Harris Wishes Tiny a Happy 7-Year Anniversary And We’re Here For It But Also… Confused?

Does he want that old thang back or nah?

There is no love lost between TIP and Tiny Harris and he continues to make that clear with yet another passionate post to his best friend, this time to wish her a happy 7-year anniversary.

The T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle star felt extra nostalgic in sharing throwback photos from his wedding day of the woman who still carries his last name.
He captioned:

Happy 7th Anniversary Mrs H.
Looking at these pics
Seems like the time flew by.
Never a dull moment… Everyday we LIT!!!! Stay Making this Family shit look sexy. They ain’t never seen shit like US!!!!
Can’t expect nobody to understand this thing of ours… it’s unfathomable to most. Through the good & bad we stay up,whether right or wrong we gon RIDE!!! That’s all I can ask for. With all my love… Mr.H. @majorgirl

They may not have been able to work things out but it’s undeniable that trouble man loves him some Tiny and doesn’t expect fans to understand. He recently shared a “happy birthday” post proving that his love for her is unwavering. Just last week the two banded together for a Harris family vacation in the Bahamas. T.I. has always been a man of many words, so it’s no surprise to see him share such a spirited message.

They haven’t announced getting back together but happy anniversary anyway!(?)

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