Tami Enjoying Her Pepperoni While Hashing Out Her Beef With Malaysia is Our New Aesthetic

All hail Queen Tami and her plate of various meats.

In an effort to make sure that everyone can enjoy themselves on the yacht, Tami decides to give Malaysia some space to air her grievances and the result is actually really civil. But if y’all thought that Tami was going to stop enjoying her damn meal to have a heart-to-heart with Malaysia, y’all had another thing coming. She’ll go on eating her pepperoni and olives, okay?

While the two ladies have had their share of drama in the past, it seems like it is all water under the yacht after a quick talk over hors d’oeuvres. The ladies even get to have a laugh over Malaysia’s petty comment about Tami’s make up. See! Even they can agree that they get a little ridiculous at times.

Tami put it best when she said, “We just let an argument get the best of us and we actually can sit down and talk it out and get back to the way we were.” It looks like they’re friends again… as long as Tami doesn’t speak negatively about Brandi around Malaysia, and as long as Malaysia doesn’t try to bring Brandi around Tami, that is. Reconciliation!

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