Tami, Still Loyal To Jackie, Checks on Her After That Particularly Wacky Turn of Events on the Yacht

The tea has been served.

Jackie and Evelyn may have their issues, particularly when it comes to Evelyn’s contact with Jackie’s daughter, but no one expected her to have it out with Shaunie. After an emotional Jackie confronted Shaunie for not taking her side in all of the drama, Jackie decided to leave the boat and the drama behind her and head home.

Tami, who seemed more than a little confused by Jackie’s behavior, went to check on her to make sure that it wasn’t just Wacky Jackie at it again. As it turns out, after Jackie spills some tea about Evelyn, her daughter, and Shaunie’s inability to choose a side, Tami realizes that maybe Jackie has a point.

Will Jackie be able to forgive Shaunie? Like Tami said, Jackie doesn’t want to have an issue with Jackie and Shaunie, “because when they team up, baby, it’s hard to recover.” Tune in to Basketball Wives on Mondays at 9/8C to find out.