Rick Ross Makes it Clear Whose Side He’s On in All of the Just Brittany Drama

The Boss is here to drop some truth.

By: Andrea Wurzburger

This week on SIGNED gave us a glimpse into the recording studio and into the artists’ first performance in front of the judges. Just Brittany’s approach to her first performance in front of the moguls left a few of the other artists feeling like she was getting some sort of special treatment. It didn’t bother her much, though. “I knew the song ’Boss Vibes’ that I did was gonna get Ross’ attention because I went to his past and I re-did something, and I put my own little twist to it and he liked it.” M. Rose went a similar route, using an Aaliyah song as the basis of her track. Lenny S. called it the “smartest move” for Brittany, and her song definitely left the judges feeling her sound. That was definitely not the case when it came to M. Rose’s record.

Watch Rick Ross speak on the different vibes of the two artists below:

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