This Is Not a Drill: The Baller Wives Cast is Here to Tell You Why You Should Tune In

Curious about the newest VH1 show? Hear about it from the ballers themselves.

You may have seen Kijafa Vick and Jeniva Samuel on Basketball Wives, but they’re about to prove that being a football wife is entirely different from being a basketball wife. The cast of Baller Wives is here to let you know that they didn’t come to play. In fact, the only plans in their play books are to ball hard and ball often. After all, the best part of being a baller’s wife is “the lifestyle.” Just ask the Vicks.

So why should you watch Baller Wives?

Allow Aja Crowder to give you all of the reasons you’ll need: “It’s just drama, it’s fun, and it’s real relationships.”

But this isn’t a show where drinks will be flying every time there’s drama. In fact, Channing Crowder says that the drama is “going to be dealt with like adults, like married people with children.” In other words, they’re leaving the helmets and the tackling on the field so that we can get a look at how these football players handle themselves in the real world.

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