You Have to See Aziz Ansari’s Incredible Painting of a Love & Hip Hop Star

From reality star to Mona Lisa?

Comedian/Actor Aziz Ansari has proven his strong affiliation with hip hop time and time again. He’s mentioned chilling with Kanye West and JAY-Z on past stand up specials, he’s appeared on HOV’s recent 4:44 “Footnotes” video series, and even made a cameo in the Thrones music video for “Otis” back in 2011.


His hip hop coolness doesn’t stop there. In a recent interview with GQ Style, the Master of None star and co-creator revealed that he was gifted an “incredible” painting of a rapper. Hint: he was on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood for several seasons. Aziz had this to say about the painting during the interview.

“My favorite thing anyone ever gave me unsolicited was one time I did a show at the Largo in Los Angeles and this woman gave me a painting of Soulja Boy. And I still have it. It’s Soulja Boy just kind of looking out the window. It’s incredible. What fragrance are you wearing?”

Who is this artistic woman? Why is she gifting Ansari paintings of Soulja Boy of all rappers? No one knows. The painting isn’t shown in the interview, but after doing some digging on the comedians Tumblr page, we found this masterpiece:

This might be the greatest hip hop portrait of all time! How many people can say, they have a painting of Soulja Boy staring pensively out of a window with a Scarface “World Is Yours” chain on? Only Aziz.


Aziz Ansari received the best gift, but these VH1 stars have a different experience with gift receiving. Watch Mariahlynn, Masika Kalysha, and more tell us what the worst present they ever received was below.

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