From the Drama Between Shaunie and Jackie to Tami’s Love of Prosciutto, Twitter Was on Fire For This Week’s Episode of Basketball Wives

Get your prosciutto ready. Monday's episode was a wild ride.

Monday night’s episode of Basketball Wives was action-packed! And it pretty much all happened on a yacht. I mean, I was basically expecting someone to get thrown over board. From Tami and Malaysia’s reconciliation, to Jackie confronting Shaunie, there was a lot to dissect. The ladies of Basketball Wives decided to take to Twitter to express their opinions. Let’s round up the tweets and pour some tea, shall we?

Fans will always have a lot of feelings about the drama between Evelyn and Jackie, but mostly you fall into two camps:


You may have noticed that Evelyn Lozada, who has had beef with Jackie for quite some time now, stayed mostly quiet on the boat. Instead, Shaunie took the heat!

This is maybe my favorite tweet about Shaunie and Jackie’s run-in.

But then Shaunie was dragged into this too, and she wasn’t going to lie about her situation.

Tami addressed the drama, because although some people thought that Jackie was being over dramatic…

Tami is committed to keep the peace (at least as much as possible given the situation):

And she even blessed us with her thought on probably the most relatable moment of the episode:

In case you forgot what the drama is between Jackie and Evelyn, here’s a reminder:

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