Sorry, Moguls:SIGNED Artist CozyWithTheCurls is Not Here For a Name Change

His name has a deeper meaning.

We didn’t see much of the New Orleans rapper, CozyWithTheCurls in this week’s episode of SIGNED, but we did see a conversation that The Moguls had with him about his name. Eager to make cuts because they still weren’t finding what they were looking for, The Moguls started looking at the artists critically, even beyond just talent. Rick Ross still wants to know “What the f**k is a Jvoti?” but didn’t ask the musician himself. The same can’t be said for Cozy, who was grilled and roasted by The-Dream and Lenny S. on his name choice. They let him know that his name wouldn’t be a good first impression and all agreed that someone like Jay-Z would never have a feature with an artist with a name like “Cozy With The Curls”. Cozy recently sat down with to tell us how he got his name and why it means so much to him.

First of all, it turns out Cozy’s real name is Myles Campbell. So you’re probably thinking, “How’d he get Cozy from Myles?” We were thinking it too, so we asked and here’s what he had to say.

“I played a lot of football when I was younger. But you know, when I was on the field you know, the play never came my way. I was always laid back, you know, looking comfortable. Coaches started calling me cozy, and then the girls just added ’with the curls’ you know, so I just rolled with it. It was getting me girls, everyone just started calling me ’CozyWithTheCurls’.”

Why did he decide to keep his name, when truthfully a lot of other people would have changed it to appease The Moguls?

“I didn’t really come up with my name. It was just an organic vibe from people around me and I just think that’s the best way to go, instead of sitting down and saying, ’Ok, I’m gonna name my name this or that.’ [Ross] seemed like he was vibing with it really cool. At first he [wasn’t sure] then he said, ’Man keep the name!’ Once Ross said keep my name, I said, ’Man that’s what’s up!'”

What if that JAY-Z feature was a reality, would he change his name then?

“I mean that’s JAY-Z. (Laughs) I might have to change it for that song, you know.”

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