Camila Cabello Dropped Not One But TWO New Songs and No One Can Handle it

OMG, you're gonna be wishing you were in Havana after listening to these two new songs.

By: Andrea Wurzburger

Camila Cabello has just blessed your Friday. How? By dropping two absolute bops to set your weekend pre-game on fire! The former member of Fifth Harmony, who has been prepping to tour with Bruno Mars, teamed up with Quavo for ’OMG’ and with Young Thug for ’Havana.’ Chaos ensued.

And Twitter was shooketh to it’s core.

Camila’s fans were losing their minds. Which song did they like better? Would they ever be able to choose? It was like a riddle from Saw except instead of escaping death, we would just escape the torture of trying to figure out which song to play first.

Personally, I’m #TeamHavana right now because it’s catchy AF and makes me wanna go sip a margarita (but that could also just be because it’s Friday.) Either way, we really do love you, Camila.

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