Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe On New Music, “Next Level MC” Kendrick Lamar, And The Strength Of The Metal Scene

The singer has a revealing conversation with friend and musical colleague Doc Coyle.

Objectivity is at the heart of having true journalistic integrity. Characterized in the 2000 film, Almost Famous, legendary rock journalist Lester Bangs bestowed to his protégé to be “honest and unmerciful.” With Lamb of God, I can’t be objective. They are my close friends. My old band, God Forbid, first played with their previous moniker, Burn The Priest, in a garage in 1998 in front of the other bands and one paid attendee. After the release of Lamb of God’s debut album, New American Gospel, in 2000, we subsequently toured together 4 times over 10 years, even sharing a tour bus together in 2001. My bond with the band grew even closer when I was chosen to fill in for lead guitarist, Mark Morton, on a 2009 tour opening for Metallica.

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