Safaree is Impressed With How Chanel West Coast Went Off on Brooke Valentine in This Week’s Check Yourself

"The whole time she was sitting there quiet, but now I understand. She was sitting there quiet trying to refrain from going crazy."

For a minute Safaree was wondering why Chanel West Coast was so quiet watching Brooke Valentine argue with Rich Dollaz’ ex, Jade. Now in watching the playback, he realizes that Chanel is all about that static.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, the Stunt Man is low-key impressed at how gully Chanel West Coast is. In promoting his coconut oil, Brooke cosigns Safaree’s hustle saying he better sell that ish! The good times are short-lived when Mrs. “Girl Fight” presses Jade about her relationship with Marcus, and in looking back at life, Brooke never thought she’d be talking to a paralegal about anything. Safaree is feeling Chanel’s energy after seeing her go off on Brooke in defense of her friend, Jade. Brooke also sees the courageousness of the lioness that is Chanel; bravo to her. Safaree just wants to make sure no one messes up his little party.

In the next scene, Marcus Black is annoyed that his wifey, Brooke, interrupted his cigar vibe with A1. Ladies, pay no mind to what Marcus is taumbout and take notes because according to Brooke, this is an ambush. Marcus wasn’t cool with calling Jade for this meeting, but he did it anyway out of respect. For the record, Brooke needs fans to know that her boyfriend wasn’t scared for his life so there was no need for him to blink twice, but this affair is over. Marcus may be double-dutching between the women, but he didn’t appreciate the “mom” comment. If anything, to him, Brooke calls him “daddy,” so that’s that.

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