Dear Beyhive, Bow Down to the Beyoncinary (Beyonce Dictionary)

"Beygan diet: When you are vegan sometimes like Beyoncé is."

Buzz buzz, Beyhive. This one’s for you.

It’s Beyday. Translation: the day we celebrate the very moment Beyoncé graced the earth for the first time. B has brought us so much via her incredible voice, philanthropic spirit, and unending grace. Without her, single ladies all over the world might still be waiting for their dudes to put a ring on it. Gaga would still be in jail — though still looking fab. Nicki Minaj would be feeling herself and only herself. People in general would probably be stuck in a cave somewhere listening to Nickelback on repeat like this:

To show just how much of an impact Bey has had on pop culture, we put together a list of terms that have resulted from her reign. We call it the Beyoncinary~*. Learn it. Live by it. Commit it to memory.

And bow down.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.