Sneak Peek: The Men of Black Ink Crew: Chicago are “Tripping Over Their Own D–ks” Trying to Show Off For 9Mag’s Newest Female Artist

"Lily's beautiful and all don't get me wrong but I don't remember getting a warm welcome like that."

The second a beautiful new artist comes into the shop, it’s like the men of 9Mag forget that they are in whole committed relationships.

In the Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak peek, Ryan becomes the boss his employees wanted when he informs them of his new tattoo artist hire. If anyone can appreciate Ryan’s communication, it’s Van seeing as how the long time friends have been at odds with each other these past few weeks. When the artist, Lily walks in, the whole crew immediately takes notice to her beauty. She may be litty in looks, but she’s even badder with her work as she confidently explains the motivation behind her art. Now that she’s here and has met the fam, she needs a little help getting her luggage out of the car to set up for her first client at her new home. When all the men are practically fighting over who can help Lily, Cobra takes notice because well damn, she didn’t get that warm welcome. All Charmaine knows is that Van needs to calamate a little bit because his girlfriend Jennifer is high-key crazy and she will make his surname, No-Johnson, Kay?




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