Black Ink Crew: Chicago Highlight: Charmaine Realizes Beefing Over Some Sunglasses Was Stupid and Finally Apologizes to Cobra

Because there are more important things than someone maybe taking your sunglasses.

Charmaine “too turnt up” Johnise spends a lot of time trying to tell somebody about themselves, but in this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago we see a different side of Charmaine when she finally apologizes to Cobra about the whole sunglasses thing.

No one was initially feeling Kat’s idea to go to a cabin in the middle of the woods to hash out 9Mag problems, but it turns out the idea worked surprising well after all. While having a family kiki moment, Ryan tells everybody he ended up hiring Cobra again because she was dealing with the passing of her father and Ryan felt like supporting her was the right thing to do. This tugged on Charmaine’s heart strings, mainly because she’s so close to her parents and couldn’t imagine what Cobra was going through, so she marched right outside to find Cobra crying about feeling alone. In a plot twist of the century, Charmaine just straight up apologized for dragging out this beef over a pair of sunglasses and Cobra not only accepted the apology but pulled a new pair for Charmaine while putting on a pair of her own. The two women enter the house together, as friends, much to everyone’s surprise. Now if only it was this easy to squash all of the other beef happening this season…

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