Ashley, Nikki and Jen Hit a Literal Bump in the Road On Their Way to Confront Phor and Have to Change a Tire In This Black Ink Crew: Chicago Bonus Clip

All the women, who independent, throw you hands up at Ashley (Jen and Nikki).

Sometimes you have to learn how to be a mechanic in the pursuit of justice. While on their way to the cabin to find out why Phor sent roses to Kat, the girlfriends and wives of Black Ink Crew: Chicago have a literal obstacle when they pop a tire, but don’t know how to change it.

Unsure of Ashley’s driving skills, JenNikki are nervous passengers as Ashley has the car bouncing all over Chicago. Barely out of the city, Ashley reassures the ladies they’ll make it a cabin in one piece and then a tire light on her dashboard starts flashing. They get out only to see the tire is flat and Jen uses her TV watching knowledge to tell Ashley and Nikki to get the “cranker thing”. Ashley and Nikki prove to be more of the moral support as Jen gets the nuts off the tire like a total badass chick. With the nuts off, the ladies turn into a NASCAR pit crew real quick and change the tire, but the nuts back on and celebrate before heading up to the lakehouse to see what’s really going on while they’re not there.

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