Trina’s Epic Instagram Live Rant Proves Exactly Why She’s Still the Baddest B*tch

“If you call me a b*tch, make sure you put ‘the baddest’ in front of it.”

Ok, so we don’t know why people are out here trying our girl Trina but we do know their edges are definitely missing right about now.

The Miami hometown hero and baddest b*tch is usually cool as a cucumber, but today is no ordinary day. Trina hopped on Instagram Live to completely gather a local Miami rapper who had allegedly been bashing her on the internet. Well boy, did our sis Trina have time last night. Not only did the Diamond Princess read her enemies for filth, she had the internet going nuts with all the savage clap backs that were rolling off her tongue.

“You want smoke, now you got it,” she says in the video. “Y’all h*es gonna respect my muthaf—in’ name. Imma start making y’all h*es bow down and kiss my muthaf—in’ feet. Y’all bum a** h*es. I paved the way for y’all h*es to even speak in Miami. Don’t even talk my muthaf—in’ name without sayin’ ‘Miss.’”

Catch the full rant below.

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